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How it works

We produce furniture components according to your individual order.

Order planing

Order planing

You plan, measure, perform calculations, choose the type of material, color, design.

Order creation

Order creation

Fill in the detail order form - choose the detail form, choose between single-layer and multi-layer detail, enter the detail sizes, material type, edge bandings, send bore drawing files if needed.

Calculation, price offer & payment

Calculation, price offer & Invoice

We calculate costs, prepare a price offer, coordinate with you the order execution time and payment conditions.

Order production and dellivery

Order production and dellivery

We produce detail order and deliver it to the specified address or You can recive order in our warehouse.

Furniture materials

Order details for furniture from laminate (MFC) panels for an apartment, house or office. Kitchen tables from worktops and kitchen cabinet facades from acrylic sheets. Table tops for outdoor patio furniture from Compact HPL. Parts for technical constructions from plywood, MDF and particleboard. Three-layer components from HPL offer unlimited possibilities in design and technical properties.

Details from worktops

Chipboard components glued with high-pressure laminates, with one or two edges. High abrasion resistance. For kitchen worktops, bar counters, window sills, tables and furniture in the public sector.

Details from MFC

Melamine faced chipboard components. The most popular application. Can be used for kitchen, office, living room furniture - cabinets, tables, shelves, wall decoration panels.

Details from Compact HPL

Components of thick 10-12 mm high pressure laminate. Especially for mechanical and moisture resistant table tops and partitions. In the private and public sectors. For kitchens, laboratories, all-season outdoor table tops, shower and toilet partitions.

Details from MDF

Raw or laminated with grounding foil components from fibreboard. It is necessary to cover with varnish paint materials. Wide application for furniture.

Details from HDF

For components from thin 2, 2.5, 3 mm HDF boards. May be lacquered or untreated. For furniture back walls, drawer floors.

Details from acrylic boards

MDF components glued with acrylic layers. For the production of high-quality furniture. For the production of furniture facades. For kitchen furniture, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, wall panels.

Three-layer details from chipboard

Three-layer components of chipboard glued on both sides with decorative high-pressure laminates. For table tops, decorative panels with high mechanical resistance.

Three-layer details from plywood

Three-layer components of plywood, glued on both sides with decorative high-pressure laminates. Can be used for the production of especially durable furniture - table tops, in various constructions. Can also be used in ship and railway transport furniture and decoration elements.

Three-layer details from MDF

Three-layer components from MDF boards, glued on both sides with decorative high-pressure laminates. For table tops, decorative panels with high mechanical resistance.

Details from veneered boards

Chipboard or MDF components glued with vhigh quality veneer. For the production of high-quality furniture. For living room, office and kitchen furniture. Further treatment with varnish, paint, oil or wax is required.

Details from plywood

For the production of structurally durable components. For shelves, tables, floors, walls. Birch and pine plywood available. It is necessary to pay attention to the surface qualities of plywood. Requires surface treatment with varnish, paint, oil or wax.

Details from chipboards

Chipboard components. For the production of furniture, construction components, such as upholstered furniture. For simple shelves, tables, floors, walls where there is no effect of moisture. Requires surface treatment with varnish, paint materials.

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How to choose material and design

You can use some of our offered options to choose material and design for Your personal furniture detail project.

With our virtual designer http://dizainers.attelsr.lv you can create your own individual design for the kitchen, bedroom and office by combining various decors of materials we offer. You can save the created design to a PDF document so that you can see the decor codes for the materials you choose.

On our e-commerce portal, https://attelsr.lv/en/categories/platnes you can view the material decors, prices and their article numbers, as well as article numbers for related products (such as edge bandings). If you are a registered e-comerce user, you can add these articles to the cart and export them to a PDF document to save articles numbers of your choice.

Once you have chosen the material decors, sign in or sign up to our furniture component order portal. To find the material of your choice, enter the decor code, deckor name or article number of the material in the search box next in material selection. We recommend search directly for the article number, as this way you will immediately find the selected material with the selected surface structure and thickness.

In addition You can download the Kronodesign® app to your mobile phone or tablet.
Kronodesign® application is a handy mobile tool to quickly find the right decors for your project, to inspire and inform you or your customers whenever and wherever you need to.

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